Search/Retrieval via URL (SRU)

SRU is an HTTP-based protocol for searching bibliographic records (federated search). It is an international standard maintained by the library of congress. The retrieval language is the Contextual Query Language. Data are available in XML either encoded in Dublin Core (DC, v. 1.1) or Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS, v. 3.4) .

Request data from the SRU interface


Though you can search all indizes through the SRU interface (s. list of indices), only a subset of elements will be returned to you.

The URI provided with ./recordIdentifier/@url (MODS) is persistent. You can use the URI to backlink to the related record in the Kalliope Union Catalog. It is composed by the domain name + record identifier:{ID}, e.g.

This PDF file provides you with a crosswalk of all elements available with MODS and Dublin Core via SRU.

Additional examples