Search/Retrieval via URL (SRU)

Metadata in the Kalliope Union catalog can be retrieved, e.g. for catalogs, web portals or digitization projects, by using the HTTP-based protocol Search/Retriveal via URL (SRU).

The retrieval language is Contextual Query Language (CQL), also used for the advanced search in the online catalog. To formulate a search, use one or several index names. The data can be requested in Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS, v. 3.7 and v. 3.4) as well as Dublin Core (DC, v. 1.1). To select format, declare SRU parameter recordSchema with the value "mods37", "mods" or "dc".

Technical documentation

Documentation of available formats:

Metadata identifiers are composed of the data providing institution's ISIL and, when applicable, a second distinguishing criterion (within the Kalliope Union the type of record: HS or BF) along with a record number, e.g. DE-611-HS-2321418.

The persistent URI is composed of the domain name together with a metadata identifier, e.g.

Search results are limited to 100 records (default). To retrieve > 100 records, use the SRU parameters startRecord or maximumRecords.


Search a record by specifying the identifier

Search all records belonging to a collection by specifying the collection's identifier

Search all records from an institution, changed after a certain date, by specifying the institution's ISIL and date (here: May 1st 2020)